Tell me more about Rentacoza.

Welcome at Rentacoza where unique names is up for grabs!

YOU RENT IT-YOU OWN IT = Endless possibilities!
Rent it – Starting from R79 per month – All inclusive!

Winning bid = Monthly Rental amount.

Rental amount will always stay the same.
Rental = 1, 3, 5, and 10 years.
First renew or buy option to you after expiry.
Renewal, rental or buy option will always be fair and square.
Monthly Rental will be collected via Netcash. (Part of the Sage Group.)

ONLY WINNING BIDS will have our full attention and support system.
Minimum bid increase – R20.
Minimum bids required – 15.

You rent it – IT’S ALL YOURS to play with!

Create yourself a new website,
OR Just Link it to your EXISTING website.

Example : YOU ADVERTISE – – people click on it and go directly to YOUR WEBSITE.

Choose one or more unique names that is inline with your Business.

Connect any or all of these unique names

Think of all the new opportunities, many hits and easy advertising!

This is the first release and launch of these unique names since 1999!
Watch this space! More than 400 unique names to come!

Easy registration and start off to stay ahead of your opposition.
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After 20 years – make sure that YOUR BUSINESS is the future LUCKY BENEFICIARY!

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